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Slide We Create To Inspire We are professional creative team in Japan

About us

We create to Inspire

Our team is made up of professional partners who love to creatively. To shape high quality content that also showcases our uniqueness.

To prove that we can move people by creating.

We have created a borderless group of people who, with understanding and communication to stimulate each other and then create "new" things together.

Video Music Branding Marketing


TFT Inc. is engaged in video and other content production, music production, branding, digital marketing, and product planning.

Always better than now.Be creative more than today.

Contents Creation

By using our domestic and international partnerships,
we offer Creative & Innovative productions.
We specialize in providing one-stop solutions from creating music, casting, and arranging collaborations with SNS influencer, to standard-setting and production of works.

  • Video production
  • Music production
  • Web/ Logo Design
  • Model / influencer casting

Marketing communication

Creative planning and production,
we propose promotions that penetrate the customer market.

  • Branding Planning and Production
  • Concept Creation
  • Digital Marketing
  • PR


Check our Creative works.
We Work to Inspire you.


We are TFT INC.
Comapny Name
TFT Ltd.
Tokio Shimizu
10 million yen (including capital reserve)
3-1-6 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
[email protected]
Business Line up
  1. Planning, editing, production and sales of various videos, music and broadcast programs, influencer and model casting
  2. Training, management and promotion of entertainment talents, musicians, film directors, scriptwriters, directors, athletes, cultural figures, etc.
  3. Branding, concept creation and digital marketing
  4. Planning, manufacturing, sales and import/export of various products

Our Clients

We focus on ergonomics and meeting you where you work.
Christina Japan

Our Donation

TFT INC. is making a donation
to Animal Life Bridge's.
Donate for

Donation target // General Incorporated Association Animal Life Bridges

Activity name // wanwanhogo (Wanwan protection)

Activity status posted MEDIA // Numero TOKYO, KUNEL, BRUTUS, LEON, web magazin chachette, etc.

In 1996, he started his own private sheltering of abandoned cats.
In 2016, as wanwanhogo, he started protecting lives that are abandoned mainly because they have various problems and cannot be taken in by pet stores, or are abandoned by their owners. To date, they have fostered 67 cats and over 200 dogs.
Established Animal Life Bridges, a general incorporated association, in October 2019.
He is currently distributing his dog and cat protection activities on Instagram, Ameblo, etc.
Active in wanwanBAZAAR (bazaar) and transfer events.